Work Vehicle Accidents
Insurance: Who Pays?
Injury Claims
Foundation Of Injury Claim
Medical Records
Insurance Who Pays
On The Job Car Crashes
Winter Driving
Recovery Of Damages
Wrongful Death
How Insurance Companies Win
Injuries Finding Insurance
Bad Faith Insurance
Factors That Affect Your Case 1
Factors That Affect Your Case 2
Workers’ Comp
Anatomy Of a Claim
Don’t Ruin Your Claim
Insurance Med Exam
Legal Gameplan
What’s Negligent?
Medical Diagnosis
Neck Injuries
Insurance Problems & Solutions
Storm Damage
Mailbag 2
Finding Insurance
Attractive Nuisance
Keep Your Money
Essure Birth Control
Car Accidents
Accidents: Injury & Recovery
Injuries & Recovery
Legal Game Plan
1/13/19 Searching For Insurance
1/6/19 Injured and Out of Work
1/20/19 Sudden Emergency Ice & Snow
2/17 20180708 Neck Injury
2/24 20180311 How Insurance Co’s Beat Your Claim
3/3 20180520 7 Ways To Wreck Your Claim
3/10 20180603 Legal Game Plan
3/17 20180708 Neck Injuries
3/24 20180624 Your Medical Diagnosis & Injury Claim
3/31 20180603 Legal Game Plan
4/7 20180812 Mailbag 1
4/14 20180624 Your Medical Diagnosis & Injury Claim
4/21 20180107 Foundation Of An Injury Claim
4/28 20180520 7 Ways to Wreck Your Claim
5/5 20181216 Injuries & Effect On The Family
5/12 20181104 It’s Your Injury, Your Money
5/19 20180401 Injuries and Finding Insurance
6/30 20180624 Your Medical Diagnosis & Injury Claim

Insurance Company Secrets
Insurance Company Secrets Medical
Insurance Company Secrets Surveillance
Insurance Company Secrets 7
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Insurance Company Secrets 2
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ABC’s Of Car Accidents 5
ABC’s Of Car Accidents 4
ABC’s Of Car Accidents 3
ABC’s Of Car Accidents 2
ABC’s Of Car Accidents 1
Carpools Part 2
Carpools Part 1
Injured On The Job
Personal Injury Overview
Make Whole Doctrine
Back Injuries
Bad Faith
Workers’ Compensation 2
Workers’ Compensation 1
Costs Interest On Judgements
Damages Caps
How Insurance Costs
Insurance Company Tricks
Low Back Injuries
Neck Injuries
Are You Prepared?
Legal Game Plan
Delivery Trucks
Insurance Company Tactics
Bad Faith
Distracted Driving
Impaired Driving
Hit and Run
Neck Injuries
Car Accident Rights
Billing Health Insurance
Insurance Basics
Drunk Driving
Med Pay
Back Injuries
Police Reports
Mistakes That Ruin Your Lawsuit
Collateral Source
Collateral Source
Premises Liability 2
Premises Liability 1
Minor Impact Crashes
Carpool Back 2 School
Punitive Damages
Damage Caps 2
Damage Caps 1
Recreational Activities 2
Recreational Activities 1
Hail Damage 2
Hail Damage 1
Hit and Run
Bad Faith 3
Bad Faith 2
Bad Faith 1
Insurance Company Profit Center
Liability Attack
Independent Medical Exam
Defense Medical Exams
Denied Settlement
Insurance Company Attacks
Pre Existing Conditions
Lumbar Injures
Back Injuries
Physical Injuries
Physical Injuries
Health Insurance
Categories Of Damage